Kingsman 3 is the most anticipated movie but Egerton’s absence might disappointing fans?? Will the movie be able to meet the expectations?? Checkout for details!!

Kingsman: The Secret Service, the first Kingsman movie crashed into the theatre back in 2014.

Here, the character Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin was introduced. He finds out that his family is related to the James Bond-like secret agent legacy. So he went to a modern Hogwart like school where wands were replaced by umbrellas.

The next sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle showed Eggsy again saving the world. He was seen getting married to a Princess in the end. These two sequels made around $825 million from all around the globe.

These two movies turned Taron Egerton as an International superstar and increased his popularity. However, he will not be a part of the third Kingsman’s sequel.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Taron while promoting his film Robin Hood said that he is allowed to disclose that he won’t be in the next Kingsman movie.

The actor added that this does not mean he will never be a part of Kingsman. Egerton continued that he had a conversation with the director Mattew Vaughn about a few days ago. They both are still in touch with each other but it is true Kingsman 3 does not include him.

Egerton told YM that he heard about the plot for Kingsman 3 and his idea is pretty incredible and exciting. It is a sad thing that he will not continue the movie but the character Eggsy will be seen often the movie.

Kingsman 3 Release Date

We can expect that the movie gets premiered later this year or at the start of the coming year.

The Director and writer of the movie (Mathew) said that he is planning to begin the shoot as soon as possible. It will most probably start from the mid-year of 2020.


The Plot and the New Cast

The next movie is going to be a pre-sequel of the Kingsman. Therefore, the title for the movie is chosen to be “The King’s Man” and not Kingsman 3.

No new character has been declared yet. But, we can see all the old characters. The movie will feature the relationship between Eggsy and Harry.