Kim Kardashian Pays Touching Tribute to Kanye West in Heartwarming TikTok Video – Watch Now!

Kim Kardashian Pays Tribute to Kanye West in TikTok Video

Kim Kardashian and her eldest daughter North West have once again teamed up to create a heartwarming TikTok video as a tribute to Kanye West. In the clip, Kim and North lip-sync to Estelle’s hit song “American Boy,” which Kanye co-wrote. The video showcases their close bond and celebrates Kanye’s musical accomplishments. This gesture comes after Kim’s recent emotional confession about her relationship with her ex-husband, expressing her longing for the person he used to be.

North’s Homage to Her Father

North West, Kim and Kanye’s eldest daughter, paid tribute to her father in the new TikTok video. The mother-daughter duo filmed themselves outside Kim’s luxurious mansion, basking in the sun and lip-syncing to a sped-up version of Estelle’s “American Boy.” The song holds significance as Kanye not only co-wrote it but also performed a rap verse. In the video, Kim and North take turns lip-syncing the song’s chorus together, showcasing their fun and affectionate relationship.

A Change in Kanye’s Stance

In the past, Kanye had expressed his disapproval of North’s presence on TikTok. However, according to a source close to Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye’s perspective seems to have shifted slightly. Although he still has concerns about North sharing content on the platform, he appreciates Kim’s reasonable approach towards their daughter’s TikTok presence. Kanye values his strong bond with North and acknowledges that, despite his trust in her, she is young and may not always make the best judgment about what’s appropriate to share with the public.

Previous Controversies About TikTok

North’s engagement with TikTok has caused some controversy in the past. In December 2022, Kanye expressed his dissatisfaction when North posted videos of herself wearing makeup on the platform. He insisted that his daughter should not be on TikTok without his approval. Kanye’s concerns escalated as he felt that certain videos, such as North’s makeup transformation into Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Grinch, were attempts to provoke him or create a negative narrative.

Kim’s Mistake and Kanye’s Frustrations

During an interview, Kim admitted to making a mistake regarding one of North’s TikTok videos. She mentioned an incident where North uploaded a video of herself with orange makeup and a red nose, imitating Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Another video showed her lip-syncing to an audio quote from The Grinch. These videos, especially the ones involving makeup, triggered Kanye’s frustration. He emphasized the need for his approval before any of his children engage in activities on TikTok.

A Dual Tribute: Kanye and Taylor Swift

In a surprising twist, Kim and North also created a TikTok paying tribute to Kanye’s longtime rival, Taylor Swift. In a separate video, they fully lip-synced and choreographed a routine to Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off.” Given the history of feuds between Kanye and Taylor, this playful tribute could be seen as an unexpected olive branch from Kim to the pop star.

Revisiting the Taylor Swift Controversy

The animosity between Kanye and Taylor Swift initially sparked at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech. Since then, there have been several public disputes and diss tracks exchanged between the two. The TikTok video, seemingly innocent and playful, holds a deeper significance considering the history of their contentious relationship.

A Symbol of Connection and Support

Kim and North’s TikTok videos serve as a testament to the bond they share with Kanye. Despite their divorce, they choose to honor his musical contributions while also extending a form of communication and support through their tributes. These videos show that despite past conflicts, there is still an underlying connection between Kim, North, and Kanye.

An Emotional Confession

In a recent episode of their Hulu show, Kim broke down in tears as she shared her struggles with co-parenting and expressed her longing for the person Kanye used to be. She yearned for the return of the man she fell in love with, highlighting the challenges they face in their post-divorce relationship.

A Finalized Divorce and Co-Parenting

Kim and Kanye finalized their divorce in November 2022 after citing “irreconcilable differences.” Despite the end of their marriage, they agreed on joint custody of their four children, including North. Co-parenting has its difficulties, but Kim’s TikTok tributes show that she is willing to find common ground and express love and support for Kanye and their shared memories.


Kim Kardashian’s latest TikTok videos with her daughter North West have created a buzz and sparked discussions about her relationship with Kanye West. These tributes serve as a symbol of love, connection, and a shared history, showcasing the complexity of their dynamic post-divorce. Whether paying homage to Kanye’s musical accomplishments or extending an unexpected gesture towards Taylor Swift, Kim and North’s videos demonstrate their willingness to bridge gaps and maintain a sense of unity as a family.


1. How did Kim Kardashian and North West pay tribute to Kanye West in their TikTok videos?

In their TikTok videos, Kim and North lip-synced to the song “American Boy,” which Kanye West co-wrote, as a tribute to his musical accomplishments.

2. Did Kanye West approve of North’s presence on TikTok?

Kanye initially expressed concerns about North being on TikTok without his approval. However, he seems to have slightly changed his stance and appreciates Kim’s reasonable approach.

3. What was the significance of Kim and North’s TikTok tribute to Taylor Swift?

Given Kanye’s history of feuds with Taylor Swift, their TikTok tribute to her could be seen as a surprising and potentially reconciliatory gesture.

4. How has Kim Kardashian expressed her emotions about her relationship with Kanye West?

In a recent episode of their Hulu show, Kim broke down in tears and confessed her longing for the person Kanye used to be, expressing her challenges with co-parenting.

5. What message do Kim and North’s TikTok videos convey about their post-divorce relationship?

The TikTok videos showcase a bond and connection between Kim, North, and Kanye, highlighting their willingness to support each other and maintain a sense of unity despite the challenges of divorce.