Killing Eve Season 3 announced: Everything you need to know about the upcoming season

Good news for ‘Killing Eve’ fans. BBC has announced the return of ‘Killing Eve’ with its third offering. And fans cannot wait any longer to get their questions from the previous season answered.

‘Killing Eve’ is BBC America’s renowned Emmy nominated show. The show is based on the novellas ‘Codename Villanelle’ by Luke Jennings. The previous two seasons of the show were super successful. The second season had twice the number of viewers than the first season. And now, the directors are working on the show’s third season.

Estimated Release date of Killing Eve Season 3:
It has been conjectured that the new season will be out by next year (2020) in June. The second season of ‘Killing Eve’ was released in the U.K. this year in June. The trailer of the upcoming season might go on air by March 2020.

The cast of Killing Eve Season 3:
Among the original cast, Fiona Shaw (as Carolyn Martens) and Jodie Comer (as Villanelle) are some of the faces that will be seen in the new season. There have been questions regarding the character of Eve (played by Sandra Oh), for she had died in the previous season. But like the previous season, Eve might survive again. Moreover, Sandra Oh was also spotted on the sets of Killing Eve hiding beneath an oversized puffer jacket.

The probable plot of Killing Eve Season 3:
The previous season had ended with Villanelle shooting Eve (because Eve denies to join her) and leaving her in a pool of her blood.

This time also Eve might survive and return. We also saw Villanelle was used by Konstantin and Carolyn in the second season. So, in this season, Villanelle might set out for revenge against the two. And, Niko asks Eve for a divorce as Villanelle had killed his co-worker in the first season.

The upcoming season has created enough buzz for its success chances. And the wait for the upcoming season is going to arouse more excitement among the fans.