Killing Eve Novel Author Says “Villanelle Lives” Over Upsetting Season 4 Drama Finale

Killing Eve Novel Author Speaks about Villanelle in drama’s season 4

With Killing Eve on BBC giving an amazing storyline so far. The season 4 of the drama certainly left all the viewers of the drama a bit more than upset. Well, unfortunately the reason for viewers dissatisfaction was the finale episode of that season. But guess what? Killing Eve novel’s author Luke Jennings has opened up about the finale.

Read ahead to know more about Killing Eve season 4 finale and Luke Jennings talking about it.

Luke Jennings, author of Killing Eve novel says “Villanelle Lives”

Killing Eve

As everyone keenly awaited Killing Eve season 4. Viewers were willing to see Eve and Villanelle to finally be together much in love. However, season 4 finale of the drama turned out to show something different. As the lead pair showed up in the end winning over the evil. Villanelle was shot dead at the end.

Viewers with the end of Villanelle’s character were certainly left upset and dissatisfied. However, now the novel author Luke Jennings has spoken about the finale saying that “Villanelle lives”. Though Luke saying that didn’t refer to the BBC drama.

Villanelle survives in the novel of the BBC drama


Luke Jennings who is the author of Killing Eve novel knew that the BBC drama is going to kill Villanelle at the end. However, he also knew that viewers would be left upset with the finale of the drama. Owing to which he recently opened up and said that Villanelle lives at least in the novel.

He though believes that his novel storyline got portrayed well and that screenplays do go sometimes in their own direction. Though he thinks, he knew viewers are not going to love the ending. But he said that on paper if not screen, Villanelle would certainly be back.

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