Kids Magic has worked!! “Shaquille O’Neal” And Ex-Wife “Shaunie” are planning there future together again?

Cooperation is the key of togetherness, that’s what we can say at least in case of Shaquille O’Neill and ex-wife Shaunie.

After there separation, they maintained good terms with each other and were co-parenting there kids. They didn’t want their split to affect their children emotionally or mentally. So they decided to split into good terms and hence, maintain friendship and co-parenting relationship.

It now looks like there Kids have become the reason for togetherness. But the topic is Shaquille O’Neill and Shaunie O’Neill. Shaquille O’Neill is trying to get her wife Shaunie O’Neill back. And Shaunie goes on the same term.

They have realized that there love for each other is more than the differences they have. They may fight or disagree on a certain aspect, but they can’t stop them from being together.

Reason for Shaquille and Shaunie’s Split:

There were some differences between them and were away from each other for ten years. However, there shared responsibilities of the kids and the coordination which they had made then realize their love for each other. They have been very responsible all these years, but love could make its way after ten years.

Right now Shaquille O’Neill is actively trying to make Shaunie his wife again. He has been actively trying to flirt with her and looks like the spark is back on track as he is organizing romantic gifts and romantic dates to impress Shaunie.

It looks like Shaunie is equally trying to create and maintain love with her charm. As per the sources, it looks like she is also planning to get him back to him and start alike together.

We wish to see that happen pretty soon!!