The fierce battle is still on between Khia and Trina with rude comments and mean insults! Read for all details.

The overwhelming anger betwixt Khia and Trina has been for years now. No source can confirm the reason behind the two women has been at odds for this long.

The only thing that can be said until now is the insults hurled from both of them have been sharp as fine and sharp swords.

During a current release, Khia called out her ideal enemy when she pulled out ahead to head card against Trina in the battle ofΒ  Verzuz. As with the records so far, the history betwixt these two, it’s quite foggy that Swizz Beatz and Timbaland would ever provide them a platform, but it will not be making any difference. It doesn’t matter how it will happen but, Khia as officially declared that she wanted all the smoke.

During her radio show, Trina responded to Khia’s request. By the time Trina was high on the word and said she wouldn’t be letting a toddler compete with her. The Listeners considered the fact of eco and attitude developing among them.

Within no time, we got a quick, rude, and mouth shutting reply from Khia, and she backlashes with a vengeance. “Now, I know you’re still mourning on the death of your mammy, you’re still grieving,” Khia said that of Trina’s late mother whose funeral was last year after a long brave battle with cancer. “So Imma don’t hold your little burst out of confusion and let you slide when you role like you don’t know about a bitch.

You ain’t going address a bitch, but you sat up there and anticipated your talk about a bitch for a stressful 30 goddamn minutes.”

Khia even stated that Trina was only playing upset as she has no level of confidence to battle her.Β  The Miami rapper was referred to as a “flopping whore” and stated that no one is “checking for” her, either. “We can check and note down the numbers, and I will run you each and every motherfucking time. There was a time I swallowed you whole then, and I’m swallowing you whole now.”