Kevin Spacey sexual assault accuser and author Ari Behn committed suicide!

The accuser of Kevin Spacey and the former son-in-law of the Norway King Ari Behn committed suicide
Author Ari Behn and Kevin Spacey accuser took his own life

Ari Behn was one of the famous Norweigan authors and ex-husband of Princess Martha Louise. He committed suicide on 25th December at the age of 47. The spokesperson of his family Geir Hakonsund said the news in a statement to Norweigan Paper VG by stating that it is with great sorrow in their hearts that those closet to Ari Behn must report that he took his own life. They also asked for respect for their private lives in the time to come.
He had previously accused Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault. In 2017 in an interview, he had revealed the incident that took place with Kevin Spacey when the actor hostel a Nobel Prize concert in 2007. The author said that he too had a little Me Too Story about Kevin Spacey. At that time they were sitting together and having a good nice conversation chatting together and speaking about theatre and drama. After five minutes the actor asked the author for going out and having a cigarette. After that Kevin grabbed Ari under the table inappropriately.
Was that the first time Kevin Spacey was accused?

Ari Behn is not only the person who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault and died. He is the third one to die in a year following Linda Culkin and an anonymous massage therapist who too accused the actor of sexual assault.
Nearly a dozen men accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct. He was also dropped from House of Cards following the allegations of several people. But he had never responded to these allegations. Many charges against him in the court were also dropped due to various reasons.