Kevin Hart committed infidelity and partner in crime Montia Sabbag sued him for $60 Million, claiming he recorded it for Publicity!! Who is the Victim here?

Now, this is some good Hollywood gossip! Sex tapes already create a lot of controversies. Combined with suing the partner and a publicity stunt means more and more drama. This story started in August 2017 when Vegas nightclub and hotel room cameras caught Kevin Hart and Montia Sabbag in the act. And today, the story has turned uglier.

Montia Sabbag has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Hart, saying that the sex tape was a publicity stunt. Sabbag claims that Kevin allowed Jonathan “JT” Jackson to access their hotel room and set up a video camera to record the entire thing. Apparently, he knew from the beginning that they were being recorded. Sabbag also claims that the entire scandal was just a publicity stunt to promote Hart’s standup show and his overall status. However, Hart has denied the allegations, and he said that he had fallen victim to Jackson’s attempt at extortion.


Credit: TMZ

But Sabbag is paying no heed to his denial towards her allegations. She is suing the comedian for $60 million for negligence, emotional harassment, and invasion of her privacy. The video was 3 minutes long, which recorded Montia Sabbag naked and engaged in intimate sexual relations. In December 2017 Hart posted a video online accepting publicly that he had indeed committed infidelity and apologized to his wife for the same. He also mentioned that Jackson set him up in an extortion attempt, and he was just a victim. He said that he was sorry, and he regretted it, but he felt addressing it was the right thing to do.

Hart was in a car crash on 1st September 2019. There were two others in the car with him- his driver and the driver’s fiancee. The car steered away from the road and dropped through an embankment. At present, Hart is recovering from his injuries, and he is yet to comment on the $60 million lawsuits.