Kerry Katona pokes fun at Prince Andrew after his BBC interview! Says she’s no longer “Car Crash of the Century”!

Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Katona, the famous English singer compared her ‘This Morning’ interview with Prince Andrew’s interview on BBC Newsnight.

The singer made fun of Prince Andrew on her Instagram page this Sunday. She is happy that she is no longer the car crash of the century. She wrote that it turns out that her interview is no longer the car crash of the century. With the statement, she mentioned Prince Andrew’s name and added cheers to that.

Kerry Katona compared her interview with The Morning chat from 2008 to that of Duke’s interview with Emily Maitlis recently. He tried explaining his friendship terms with Jeffery Epstein. Jeffery is been accused as a sex offender.

The 59-year-old Duke of York tried to take his friend’s side by saying that Jeffery can not have sex with Miss Roberts as he was out with Princess Beatrice (daughter) to buy Pizza from Pizza Express in Woking, Surrey on that day.

The singer referred to his claim of Woking and also gave a hint at his current selective memory. She added in the caption that she is sure to see Prince Andrew purchasing a prawn ring in Iceland Woking.

Kerry continued writing that she remembers this as it was surprising to witness the Duke with one pound of prawn ring.

Previously in 2008, the time when Kerry was interviewed by Phillip and Fern, she was clearly not in her senses. When asked by the host Phillip that is she alcoholic at the time of the interview? As her body seems to be portraying something else but she’s speaking something different.

The singer replied that it took medicine at half-past 11 last night. She kept denying that she was drunk. She was trolled in social media because of that. The 39-year-old singer later revealed that she is afraid of interviews.