Kentucky firefighter seriously injured in an accident while responding to a call.

A Kentucky fireman was harmed in a mishap while answering to a call on Christmas day.

The accident occurred at about 2:30 p.m. as Richland teams were reacting to a fire call, the division revealed in an online post. That is the point at which a division tanker upset.

The Richland Fire Department declared on Facebook that they were dispatched out to a fire on Christmas day. While in transit, the fire engine was associated with a mishap.

One of the firemen, Jerry was transported out, the local group of fire-fighters said. Jerry got non-perilous wounds and was flown to the University of Tennessee emergency clinic.

While it was difficult to return to work without him on Thursday, his companions are simply appreciative that he is protected.

Another office needed to react to the call, the Richland Fire Department said.

“We’re looking forward to him getting better and getting back out there. Of course, we’re going to have to take it a little easy on him because he’s banged up pretty bad. But, we’ll take care of him once we get back out here,” said Fire Chief Alford Yeager.

As of Thursday, teams didn’t have a clue about the degree of his injuries. The fireman was carried from the scene, and fire authorities were uncertain of his wounds.

An ambulance took the driver for treatment and then the driver was flown out to UT Hospital.

The condition of the driver is not known at this particular time.