Kendall Jenner’s Swimsuit Styles: A Closer Look at Her Sizzling Beachwear Photos!

Kendall Jenner’s Bikini-Clad Adventures: A Look at Her Latest Swimsuit Styles

When it comes to beachwear, Kendall Jenner is, without a doubt, a definitive style icon. From stringy, two-piece swimsuits to itsy-bitsy thongs and bikini bottoms, she is always on trend and looks stunning in everything she wears. In this article, we will take a closer look at the latest bikini styles flaunted by the supermodel during her recent beach vacations. So, let’s dive in!

1. Kendall Jenner Flaunts Her Fit Physique in a Tiny Bikini

The supermodel recently took to Instagram to flaunt her extremely toned booty in a series of beach snaps. The photos show her lounging on the beach, displaying her fit physique in a skimpy black bikini and a red Ralph Lauren cap. The bikini-clad photos were taken during a trip with her rumored boyfriend, Bad Bunny. Jenner often opts for racy outfits while on dinner dates with the rapper, making it increasingly obvious that the two are an item. 

2. Kendall Jenner Poses in a Di Petsa Bikini in Her Latest FWRD Campaign

Jenner recently made headlines with her latest FWRD campaign for swimwear. In one of the steamiest snaps from the photoshoot, the model is seen posing in a twisted Di Petsa bikini top and matching bottom—with underboob-baring cutouts on both cups.

2.1 Asymmetrical Red The Attico Bikini

The campaign also sees the model flaunting an asymmetrical red The Attico bikini. The suit is sold out, but it is still available to shop at FWRD.

2.2 Striped Jean Paul Gaultier Halter Top and Bottom

In another snap from the FWRD campaign, Jenner is sporting an iconic Jean Paul Gaultier halter top and matching bottom with trippy, colorful stripes.

3. Jenner’s Day Out in a White Bikini By Heavy Manners

Last month, Jenner spent a day tanning in a white bikini by Heavy Manners with a yellow, purple, and green floral pattern. The frilly top is a cupped bra with ruched detailing, while the bottom is a high-waisted thong. Her accessories included an 818 baseball cap in a burnt orange shade and brown oval sunglasses.

4. The Itsy-Bitsy Underboob-Baring Bikini

In one of her recent Instagram posts, Jenner can be seen frolicking around on the beach while wearing the tiniest thong bikini with contrasting green stripes in a ruffled knit fabric. The suit features an underboob-baring design on the cups and tortoiseshell beads on the straps of her swimsuit.

5. Jenner’s Classic Black Bikini

Jenner kicked off the season of sun and fun by wearing two separate teeny-tiny bikinis, both of which she shared on Instagram. One of the suits was a classic black bikini with a bright red Polo baseball cap that perfectly matched her phone case. The bikini top was a triangle style, and the bottoms were stringy and high-waisted, making it a timeless piece you could wear for years.

5.1 Crocheted Deparel Bikini

Jenner also rocked a palm tree in a crocheted Deparel bikini with micro-string bottoms and a matching triangle top. The suits retail for about $300, and Jenner wore a custom design in shades of deep green and pale sage.

6. Kendall Jenner Tries the Fire Engine Red Two-Piece

In a recent campaign with FWRD, Jenner modeled in a plastic one-strapped fire engine red two-piece that is as skimpy as it is sold out. She paired the bikini with wraparound sunglasses and earrings available to preorder. The bikini retails for $350, but it’s been sold out for a while now.


From classic black bikinis to underboob-baring designs and itsy bitsy thongs, Kendall Jenner has certainly made a splash with her beachwear fashion this year. She will undoubtedly remain a style icon to fashion-forward beachgoers everywhere.


1. What is Kendall Jenner’s favorite bikini style?

As a fashion icon, Kendall Jenner can pull off just about anything. However, she seems to have a particular affinity for stringy, itty-bitty bikinis with high-waisted bottoms.

2. Where can I buy the swimsuits worn by Kendall Jenner?

You can purchase many of the swimsuits modeled by Jenner on the retailer’s website or in the designer brands’ physical stores.

3. What kind of accessories does Kendall Jenner usually wear with her swimwear?

Jenner usually keeps it simple and understated when it comes to accessories for her swimwear, often just wearing a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap.

4. What is the price range of Kendall Jenner’s swimwear?

Kendall Jenner’s swimwear styles range from affordable options to luxury designs, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand for high-end brands.

5. What makes Kendall Jenner a style icon in the world of beachwear fashion?

Jenner’s effortless sense of style, ability to pull off various bikini styles, and tendency to set trends all contribute to her status as a style icon in the world of beachwear fashion.