Kendall Jenner brutally trolled for her ‘diaper’ outfit – Internet explodes with outrageous criticisms!

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Kendall Jenner brutally trolled for her ‘diaper’ outfit

When it comes to the world of fashion, Kendall Jenner is no stranger to making bold choices and stunning the crowd. However, her recent appearance at the Jacquemus runway show during Paris Fashion Week received an unexpected wave of criticism. Jenner’s ensemble, which featured a puffy white bodysuit, drew comparisons to a diaper, igniting a storm of online trolling.

A ‘diaper-like’ dress that sparked controversy

Walking down the catwalk, Kendall Jenner exuded confidence in her unconventional outfit, donning an off-the-shoulder neckline and ruffled material. Adding a touch of elegance, she accessorized with a silver diamond necklace, reminiscent of the iconic piece owned by the late Princess Diana. While her intention may have been to make a fashion statement, netizens were quick to unleash their opinions, flooding social media with critiques and comparisons to an oversized diaper.

Trolling overflowed in the comments section

As soon as images of Jenner’s outfit surfaced, the comments section of Vogue India’s Instagram account became a battleground of trolling and mockery. The supermodel became the subject of various comparisons, with some likening her to a walking marshmallow, shower cap, scrunchie, and even a pillow. Critics took the opportunity to unleash their creativity, finding new and amusing ways to describe Jenner’s ‘diaper-like’ dress.

A history of fashion scrutiny

This isn’t the first time Kendall Jenner has faced relentless criticism for her fashion choices. In a previous instance, she received backlash for wearing a sheer dress, prompting commenters to question her class, decorum, and sense of style. Despite the constant scrutiny, Jenner’s fearless approach to fashion remains unwavering, showcasing her individuality and unique sense of expression.


Although Kendall Jenner’s fashion choices often push boundaries and ignite discussions, they also open her up to intense scrutiny and online trolling. While fashion is ultimately a matter of personal taste and individual expression, it’s important to remember that behind the glamorous outfits and high-profile events, celebrities are human beings with their own unique style journeys and moments of experimentation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Kendall Jenner unfazed by the criticism?

Kendall Jenner has always been confident in her fashion choices and has openly embraced her unique style. While the criticism may affect her to some extent, she continues to express herself fearlessly and remains true to her personal fashion journey.

2. Does trolling affect Kendall Jenner’s self-esteem?

Like anyone subjected to online trolling, Kendall Jenner may experience moments of frustration or disappointment. However, she has a strong support system and remains focused on her career, using fashion as a form of self-expression.

3. How does Kendall Jenner handle fashion criticism?

Kendall Jenner approaches fashion criticism with grace and poise. She is known for staying true to her individual style choices and focusing on her own personal growth rather than letting outside opinions dictate her fashion decisions.

4. Does the constant scrutiny discourage Kendall Jenner?

While constant scrutiny can be challenging, Kendall Jenner has shown resilience and determination throughout her career. She remains committed to breaking boundaries and exploring her unique fashion sense, regardless of the criticism she faces.

5. What can we learn from Kendall Jenner’s approach to fashion?

Kendall Jenner’s unwavering confidence and commitment to her personal style journey serve as an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts. She teaches us to embrace our individuality, take risks, and not be afraid to express ourselves through fashion, even in the face of criticism.