Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell had a reunion in SNL through Keke Palmer

Saturday Night Live goes with two friends, Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell meeting again while the host shows her pregnancy belly bump

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were back for this week’s Saturday Night Live during the sketches, with anchor Keke Palmer who suggested the pair to re-launch their sitcom from the 1990s. In the moment of fun, guest host Keke Palmer’s pregnancy comes back into play, with her version of Kelly as the woman who claims to be her.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell
Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell by @nbcsnl | Twitter

In one digital-only short, Keke Palmer and Kenan Thompson team up for a contemporary, dramatic reboot of their previous series. The 90s Kenan & Kelly comedy reboot features Kenan Thompson still focused on working in the classic Rigby shop, while Keke is right beside him. He stated that Palmer was aiming for the Emmy.

Devon Walker entered the scene as Good Burger but was deliberately rejected for the part, and then Kyle Mitchell entered, making a buzzing line for an orange soft drink carton. Not only does a reunion of Kelly and Kenan happen within the short period of one digital shot, but also Mitchell slips back into her classic character in a surprisingly significant way. While playing reboot, it will be Thompson and Palmer will serve as the duo leads.

While this entire performance was happening, Palmer also happened to reveal her pretty exciting pregnancy news, and fans got to watch on Saturday Night Live, exactly how she and Thompson would fare in reviving the beloved Kenan & Kelly sitcom. The play took a dramatic turn as Palmers Kel revealed that she is pregnant with Kenan’s baby. Mostly like Mitchell’s character, Kelly caused a lot of problems at Rigbys, which you may recall was too great a comic.

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With adding yet another twist to the storyline, Kelly Palmer was indeed pregnant with the highly sought-after guest star, after cheating on Thompson. Keke Palmer stole the show immediately though showing her actual pregnancy in the monologue, while later on Kyle Mitchell and Natasha Lyonne helped launch what was easily the funniest episode of the season this fall to date.