Keke Palmer Reveals her Pregnancy in a Dramatic Style!

Keke Palmer reveals that she is pregnant in an opening monologue

On December 3, Keke Palmer performed her first-ever monologue on the grand opening of ‘Saturday Night Live’. While she was delivering jokes and having fun during her monologue, she suddenly broke the news of her pregnancy. She wore a brown coat, and she started straight from the rumors been spread about her. Moving onto her pregnancy rumors, she confirms that those were true.

Keke Palmer shares that it’s really bad when the rumors spread like air, but it gets even worse when they are true. She tried her best to hide it from the public as she was going through a lot of stuff.

Keke Palmer
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She also shared an incident where she had to shut the people up for congratulating her as she was so conscious about the news being popped out. People kept coming up to her, congratulating her and all she wanted them to stop as she had a liquor sponsorship on the line. She joked that they could head to the baby shower once it was cleared.

Talking about her, Keke Palmer believes that her sexuality shouldn’t be defined by labels. In an interview said that “People should be fluid with labelling themselves, as their identities can change.” Palmer is a warrior as she had suffered with depression and mental health issues. In 2019, it was reported that she faced an abortion and after a year, in 2020 she announces that she is been dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Keke Palmer