Keep your Hopes up as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 might Come a Little Early than Scheduled Earlier!

Grey’s Anatomy season 16 has come to an end this week and fans are already hoping for the next season. The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy was aired on ABC on Thursday, April 9 2020. This last episode tied some loose ends about Richard Webber.

However, this puts all of us to the question how season 17 would start now. Meanwhile, it is confirmed that the season 17 would be there as it was revealed by Ellen Pompeo’s contract. She said how excited she was for this upcoming season and she did not expected that the show be loved this much and it’s not in their control to stop it is always the fans decision.

However, there were rumours that the 17th season would be the last season as said by Giacomo Gianniotti who plays Dr. Andrew DeLuca. But eventually it is in the hands to creator to decide how long the show would go.


The next season is expected to be seen in the same time slot that is September. However, due to the pandemic hitting world-wide the release date might get a little postpone. Due to this pandemic the next season has just finished shooting for 22 episodes and not 25. As by the producer of the show Krista Vernoff the ending for the series is not shot yet. This means that the release date for this upcoming season shall be postpone up to next year.

And as for the cast of the show no major changes has been done to the cast. This means you would be seeing the same set of characters this upcoming season as well. Vernoff also told that the four episodes of season 16 which were on hold may also carry some idea in the season 17.