Keanu Reeves Shocks Fans with Epic Reunion Performance at BottleRock Festival

Keanu Reeves Reunites with Dogstar at BottleRock Festival


Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves recently reunited with his alternative rock band Dogstar at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival. The actor, who played bass and provided backup vocals, performed live with his bandmates for the first time in over 20 years. Reeves had missed playing together with the band and revealed in an interview with Billboard that he could not pass up the opportunity to reunite on stage with them. The festival’s crowd witnessed the alternative rock trio perform new songs from their upcoming album as well as tracks from their past two albums, Our Little Visionary and Happy Ending.

The Reunion of Dogstar

The alternative rock band Dogstar was formed back in 1991 when Reeves and Robert Mailhouse met in a supermarket, struck up a friendship, and started the band. Gregg Miller joined the band a year later as lead vocalist and lead guitarist. After Miller left in 1995, Bret Domrose took over as lead vocalist, and Dogstar became a trio. The band released two albums before going on a hiatus in the early 2000s. Rumors of a reunion started circulating in the summer of 2022 when the band posted an Instagram message teasing their return with a simple “We’re back”. The band members were thrilled to be performing together once again and worked on new music leading up to their reunion show.

The Performance at BottleRock Festival

The crowd at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival witnessed an unforgettable performance from Reeves and his bandmates. The trio presented new tracks from their upcoming album, which excited the fans and left them eagerly awaiting its release. The band also drew some older tracks from their first two albums and gave their fans a taste of what they might have missed over the past two decades. Reeves, as usual, was cool and composed, and his playing, accompanied by Mailhouse and Domrose’s vocals, left fans in awe.

The Return of Keanu Reeves to His Roots

Although Reeves has been busy with his film career, he has longed to return to his musical roots and play with Dogstar again. He explained in an interview with Billboard that he missed performing live shows, collaborating on music, and writing songs. The reunion with his bandmates allowed him to get back to doing what he loves, and he did it with all his heart and soul at the BottleRock music festival.

The Experience of Dogstar Members

Reunions are a time to cherish and look back on the past. The Dogstar members were elated to spend time together again and reminisce about their time as a band. Besides being great musicians, they were close friends and enjoyed spending time together. The opportunity to play together again cemented their bond, and with their new album being in the final stages of mixing, their future together looks bright.

The Impact of Dogstar on the Music Industry

The band’s contribution to the music industry, notably the alternative rock scene, is indelible. They engaged audiences with their heartfelt melodies, skillful vocals and instrumentals, and meaningful lyrics. The reunion and the upcoming release of their album are an excellent opportunity for those who encountered their music back in the day or who missed out to experience their art all over again.

Expectations for Dogstar’s Upcoming Album

Fans are eagerly waiting for Dogstar’s third album, which is in the final stages of mixing. While some may wonder if the band can produce music that meets today’s standards, the trio has shown their creative prowess and that they can produce work that meets and exceeds fans’ expectations. Throughout their career, the band has consistently released music that has touched the hearts and souls of their fans.

The Beauty in Reuniting with Old Friends

Reunions are a rare opportunity to meet old friends, catch up, and reminisce about the past. They provide an opportunity to mend relationships that may have been lost over time. Getting the chance to play together again, as with Reeves and Dogstar, is invaluable and provides a heartfelt moment. It reminds us of the importance of nurturing our friendships and helps us celebrate the memories we have with those special people in our lives.


Reuniting with old acquaintances and friends is a beautiful thing, and the reunion of Keanu Reeves with his Dogstar bandmates after 20 years at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival was an emotional and uplifting moment. To their fans, the band’s upcoming album is another great opportunity to experience their soulful and melodic music. It’s always great to see successful people pursuing their passions with passion and conviction, and Reeves’ reunion with his band, after all this time, did not disappoint.


1. What year was Dogstar’s last album released?

Dogstar’s last album was released in 2000 and was titled Happy Ending.

2. Who is the lead vocalist of Dogstar?

Initially, Gregg Miller was the lead vocalist, but Bret Domrose took over lead vocals after Miller left the band.

3. What advice did Robert Mailhouse give Keanu Reeves ahead of their performance at the BottleRock festival?

Robert Mailhouse advised Keanu Reeves to listen to the music and be present in the song.

4. How did Dogstar announce their return?

Dogstar announced their return with a simple “We’re Back” on their Instagram page.

5. When is Dogstar’s third album set for release?

The release date for Dogstar’s third album is yet to be announced, but they have revealed that it is in the final stages of mixing.