Katy’s love for Big Moments and Orlando Bloom’s Helicopter proposal!

The Pirates of the Caribbean hero, Orlando Bloom recently revealed his relationship with singer Katy Perry in an interview. He is looking forward to having a future with her, and they even got engaged on Valentine’s Day this year. The couple had been in a long-distance relationship due to their work schedules, but since distance cannot tear them apart, they have been together with each other going on with the #relationshipgoals things.

Katy's love for Big Moments and Orlando Bloom's Helicopter proposal! 5

They have been on and off in a relationship since the year 2016. The recent interview revealed his much-talked Helicopter marriage proposal to Katy Perry. Although it would be for their privacy plus, it would also fulfil Katy Perry’s love of ‘big moments’. He said that a part of it was that they want some privacy and they could do it without anyone around. Moreover, where else would one do it privately, and that it is a great idea which is going to work for both of them. Katy Perry, in an interview, told about her experience of the proposal. He took her in a Helicopter, and then they landed on a rooftop where all of her family and friends were there, and she loved the whole moment.

The actor further told that his beloved loves the big moments and he is trying to get her into the small moments too. The cool thing about both of them is that they are getting along and learning to do the little something together.

Katy's love for Big Moments and Orlando Bloom's Helicopter proposal! 6

The actor revealed that he feels that they both have been divorced in their lives for once and they do not want it to happen in their lives again. Moreover, she is also remarkable and impressive, and he loves that about her. They have chemistry towards each other and understand each other very well. They took their own time and got to know each other better.