Katy Perry recently gave birth to her beautiful baby girl and shares her candid thoughts on motherhood! Check it out.

Being a mother isn’t easy. With that comes a great responsibility of the child which ranges from their daily activities to their future aspects since all of them are taken care of by the parents. Since a child feels more comfortable and open in front of their mothers, they have a major role to play in the lives of the child in their family. Not only do mothers have to teach ethics and life lessons to their kids, but also take care of them at every stage of life and walk through the way with their kids and provide them the support that is needed by them from time to time in life.


What is the recent example of that feeling getting relived?

Hollywood has some celebrities that are mothers and have young, adorable kids, while some that have kids that are grown up and can take care of them. Every time a child is born in their family, they share their happiness with the public by posting on their social media accounts and the caption is usually the most touching and soothing part of their posts.


However, with a huge amount of hate that spurts out to such posts, a majority of the people look at it positively and celebrate the moment with their famous and beloved celebrities. Katy Perry who has recently become a mother shared a post on Instagram where she had written her feelings as the caption that it is not a responsibility alone, but a job that a mother has to do and is something that she likes doing as a mother. Her love for her child is immense and that can not be explained in words as the feeling is only felt and realized.