Katy Perry postpones her marriage plans with Orlando Bloom; Are they fighting over Selena Gomez?

Sources reveal that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have allegedly postponed plans of their marriage because of Selena Gomez. A tabloid article that appeared earlier this week said that Perry decided to stop the wedding preparations after she found that Bloom was still in contact with Selena Gomez.

Perry and Bloom have been one of Hollywood’s best couples for really long. And many are looking forward to the big day when the duo ties the knot. But a new article shows that the couple is at loggerheads after Bloom intentionally rekindled his past romance with Gomez.

The anonymous publishing source reported that Perry had already prohibited Bloom from talking to Gomez. The source cited, “Katy came ballistic and accused Orlando of betraying her as she had prohibited him from speaking with her”.
The source added that Katy is in a state of humiliation and believes Selena is obsessed with Orlando. “He has no company speaking to her, even though he assures her she is just friends. Katy remains jealous and rethinks the entire wedding”.

This is not the first time that reports of a connection between Bloom and Gomez have surfaced. Two years back in 2016, Bloom was photographed with Gomez in a night club in Vegas, immediately after he had started dating Perry.

In 2014, with Perry’s entry in Bloom’s life, fans had witnessed closeness between Bloom and Gomez. Then, Gomez had just broken up with ex Justin Bieber while Bloom had broken up with Miranda Kerr.