Katie Price reveals being chased away from the mysterious Area 51 by the security guards

Katie Price shares about her experience of visiting Area 51 and her terrifying encounter with the security guards. Katie had visited the secret installation in the Nevada desert as a part of one of her T.V. shows. But when the former reality star went looking for aliens, she was chased away by the security guards.

When Katie Price tested the boundaries of the place, the guards quickly knocked her back to let her know that Price was being watched. Talking about the experience in her new YouTube video, Price said, “I thought I was nuts. I get told I’m bonkers and nuts all the time.”

Price said that when they were filming there were all signs when you get there. It was in the middle of nowhere not there were signs that cautioned ‘don’t come here’, ‘don’t cross’. The signs claimed that security guards can hear you, watch you.

Despite the signs, the 41-year-old star kept going over the line while the people with her kept telling her not to go lest she should get them into trouble. But Price didn’t listen and thought, “What were they going to do me just because I put my foot over the line? Little Kate in Area 51?”

However, soon Price realized her mistake when a blacked-out security vehicle drove towards her. She said that it was a black pick up truck and it appeared out of nowhere. The truck came from the distance, all the way to the gate and stopped there. It was all blacked out even the front screen, she could not see in. It stood there for around 2 minutes as if to convey that they are watching.

Price said that finally she gave up the idea and, “we sat there all night to see if I could see a spaceship or a light. I did see a dot. But I won’t be convinced until I see a UFO.”