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Katie Price flaunts her real set of teeth before getting a veneer replacement and compares her look to Bond villain!

Celebrities are known for their habit of sharing their activities with others. They ensure that they make the public aware of what their daily activities are and that the mass knows everything about them that is happening in their recent days. Everyone who follows the celebrities on various social media accounts must be knowing how often celebrities post pictures and videos of them doing their mundanes.

Katie Price is one of the celebrities who is known by the people who follow social media must be knowing her who has accounts on social networking sites such as Instagram and YouTube among the famous ones. Her videos have been trending on the sites that she posts them on. Not only there, but also at other spots where people don’t know Katie. She was recently in Turkey when something surprising had happened. 

Katie Price Compares Herself To James Bond Villain Jaws As She ...
picture: huffington post UK

What was so special in her recent post that it gained the limelight?

Katie went on to replace her teeth with teeth that were sharp stubs. She posted a picture of her and showed that it resembled the teeth of Richard Kiel as the two had similar teeth. She posted the picture to make her point and her fans were convinced with the two resembling a certain extent and some of them took to her social media accounts to troll her about the same.

Whatever it be, the fans all over her social media have been active at commenting on the new style that she had taken. It has come to everyone’s amazing that it was a bold step that was taken by her. This is another appreciable example of another celebrity making their viewers aware of their daily activities and yet again has it been proved that fans around the world are interested in knowing about their favorite stars.

Katie Price shows off real teeth ahead of veneer replacement
picture: yahoo news india

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