Katie Holmes talks about becoming a mother in her 20s. Says she grew up with her child.

Katie Holmes may not have had successful relationships in her life but surely her bond with her daughter grew and strengthen over time.

In her recent interview, she opened about her happiness when she became a mother to a beautiful daughter in her twenties.

She also shared the mother-daughter duo has a special bond between them and because of their small age differences they ‘grew up together’.


Every age that my child has been and my age at that time has been a good match. We kinda grew up together.’ Said Holmes.

At the age of 27, Holmes gave birth to Suri Cruise whom she shared with ‘Mission Impossible’ actor Tom Crusie, whom she married seven months later after giving birth to her daughter in 2006.

The mother-daughter duo always seen together partying, going on an adventure that adds cachet to the bond they share.

She also shares she was on good terms with her professional and personal life. Now, at the age of 40, she was happy about all the films and projects she has done in her life.

In 2012, the couple filed the divorce after five years of togetherness and the custody of Suri goes to Holmes.

After splitting up from Cruise she dated Jamies Foxx but unfortunately, their relationship has also seen a dead-end in April this year.