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Kathy Bates Starrer Pot Comedy Disjointed Has Been Cancelled After Two Seasons!

While fans are always pretty spoilt with back to back new content on the streaming platform Netflix, sadly enough, some series were not able in to continue their journey in the streaming service for long!

Kathy Bates’ Disjointed Might Not Return For A Third Season!

After two back to back seasons of comedy series Disjointed, the streaming service had to pull the plug out from the show and cancelled it after two seasons run! Starring Kathy Bates in an unconventional role like never before, it could not survive the long run with Netflix.

Th were resolved around Kathy Bates’ character finally living her lifelong dream by opening a cannabis dispensary, her troubles are soon increased while accompanied by her son and an extremely troubled security guard.

Netflix Has Pulled The Plug On This Pot Filled Comedy Series!

The show is created by the genius creator Chuck Lorre who is credited with hit sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, while iconic actress Kathy Bates was the lead in Disjointed. However, the duo could not save the show from getting cancelled after two seasons. The Kathy Bates starrer show received some mixed reactions.

The series initially was divided into two part like many other comedy shows in Netflix, however, the show went on to gain poor reviews and even Kathy Bates’ acting and Chuck Lorre’s creation could not save the sinking boat for long. Series star Michael Trucco announced the cancellation news further confirming the news.While many saw the series as one season show as it was divided into parts. While a third season might not just happen, the remaining two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.