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Katherine Ryan Stars In This Rib Tickling Netflix Comedy Series The Duchess! Check out exclusive updates and the teaser.

Katherine Ryan is all set to star in a rib-tickling Netflix series titled The Duchess and let’s just say that the story is all about crazy humor and a heartfelt story!

Don’t Miss Out Katherine Ryan’s New Comedy Series, The Duchess Exclusively On Netflix! Here’s A Glimpse Of It!

Creator, Writer and executive producer Katherine Ryan stars in this hilarious new Netflix series that follows the story of a single mother and while she loves her daughter, she is interested in having another kid! Take a look at the official trailer of the coming comedy series, Duchess on Netflix.

As the trailer suggests Katherine is estranged with her baby daddy Olive who was once in a popular boy band and now has nothing better to do in life. While Katherine is struggling with her life at present, she still wants to have a second child and thus, goes out to look out for potential sperm donors!

The Comedy Series Official Trailer Is Out Now!

While her search for a sperm donor seems to face a dead-end she decided that it is better to ask her ex Olive out for help! After that what happens is a rib-tickling journey of a single mother! The brand new show is all set to air on the streaming service on 11th September.

Moreover, amidst the humor, fans will get to see the heartfelt bond that the mother shares with her daughter and despite all the problems they are now strong duo who are ready to take on the world! So, don’t forget to watch the series as it airs exclusively on Netflix this September. Let the drama and humor begin with this new release.

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