Kate Beckinsale thinks she looks exactly like Ryan Reynolds; And She doesn’t want to Act With Him…

British Actress Kate Beckinsale thinks that she looks exactly like the Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds.

The actress was invited as a guest in the talk-show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. She told the host that she looks exactly the same as Reynolds. The actress told that once she noticed a bus going by with a poster of a movie on it. At first, she thought that the poster with that picture was herself and thought herself to be looking hot, but after noticing the poster carefully, she observed that it wasn’t her and she hasn’t done that movie too. Then she told revealed that it was Ryan Reynolds’s picture on the poster.

The host Jimmy Fallon held up a photo of Kate Beckinsale and Ryan Reynolds side by side for a comparison of their faces to see audience opinion. Jimmy Fallon confessed that he didn’t see it. Kate assured the host that the comparison was quite bizarre and they certainly share a good amount of facial similarities.

The actress also refuses to work with Reynolds. “I can’t be in the same room as him, because one of us I think, would explode, or something would happen”, Kate explained sarcastically.