Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s ‘Harriet’ brought the historical textbook into reality, depicting the root of racism and slavery!

The “Harriet” by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was one of the movies which were great towards slavery and the lives of African Americans.

By creating a movie for these causes, it brings out a positive impact on the African Americans and the slavery they have to go through.

There are people who still face problems relating to slavery. The history books in schools and colleges do not give out the correct information for people. They tend it get the wrong image. Due to this, the problem arises — this lack of knowledge promotes slavery in the country.

By bringing more films like “Harriet,” it gives out knowledge to the women and the people suffering from this cause. The problems of women suffrage, civil rights struggle, equal rights all these are to be removed. These films show us both the good and bad parts of a country.

The textbooks and the information given to the citizens are mostly inaccurate. Through these films, these problems could be removed. This later helps the country to be successful and more towards giving equality to each citizen.

Through the movie “Harriet,” the awareness for whites can also be raised up. Many whites have wrong conceptions about slavery and African Americans. Movies like these should be brought out so that everyone would be aware of it.

Many whites have no clue about the beginning of slavery and the problems of each African Americans. Though this movie might put the whites as the ones to be blamed upon, but it is good for the current issues. Many of them might not realize the current issues like inequality, and movies like this help it to be projected out correctly.

Even if looking upon the percentage, it shows how many are not aware of the issues around them. The root problems of slavery are still not mentioned correctly in school history textbooks. This, in turn, brings out a bad image. By bringing movies like “Harriet,” everyone would be aware, and problems like slavery would be less.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 'Harriet' brought the historical textbook into reality, depicting the root of racism and slavery! 3