Kara Keough Declares that her Little Daughter will Learn about her deceased Baby Brother Soon!

Kara Keough recently has gone with heart breaking loss of her infant son after delivery. She has accepted the loss of his child and has also decided to share this experience with her daughter Decker. She also shared an Instagram post about her experience and a picture of her daughter. The baby boy was named McCoy. Kara also wrote a beautiful heart-touching caption about how McCoy’s big sister will know about her little brother. She will always love and remember her brother. Whenever people will ask her about her siblings she will always include McCoy.


Kara expressed her pain along with her husband on a video of “Good Morning America” 

This experience has indeed been shattering for her but the 32-year old has shown lots of courage and spoke about this in an interview for “Good Morning America”. In the interview she also said McCoy ended up giving his heart valves to the other kids saving other kids life. She expressed, how it is important for her and for every parent like her that the existence of their child mattered. They were part of this world even if that was for very less amount of time. The milk that was meant for him will be helping kids who are adopted in NICU.  All she wants is to make her child’s life mean as much as possible.

The reality show star also shared her discomfort about the people experiencing troubles because of the on-going pandemic. Further in the memory of McCoy she said, McCoy was here and he will always matter. How saying his name and remembering him bring her a little pain but lots of joy and pride. Maybe it is little cringe for people to hear his name again and again but after some time they will be okay with it too. And after some time people around her will not be uncomfortable to hear her saying his name. How she will always be mother of Decker and McCoy as long as she live.