Kanye West just called himself “Greatest artist God Ever Created”! But surely Others don’t think so! Looks like the Rapper needs to do more Sunday Service!

Ever heard of someone who is completely in love with himself? The answer is none other than Kanye West! Kanye just called himself the most superior artist God has ever created!

The 42-year-old rapper has always been surrounded by controversies due to his comments. A few years back, he had interrupted Taylor Swift when she got the best music video of the year. The incident has been a great deal of talking since then. We all know for whom Taylor’s “Look what you made me do” was!

Now, he has sparked another one by calling himself the God of the music industry! Kanye had recently started visiting the church and attending the prayers to restore his faith in the all mighty. Well, we all know about Kanye’s Sunday services as they had been covered a lot in the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians. ”

During the Pastor Joel Osteen service, Kanye revealed that he has developed a new and stronger faith for God and believes that the only superior in this universe is Jesus.

Kanye confessed that he has been very aggressive and overconfident his entire life. He always had a great sense of pride and arrogance. Now that he has shifted his mind to the all mighty, he is slowly letting go of all the harsh feelings. But wait, he said that now the greatest artist that God created is working under him! Kanye?  Are you really over your arrogance? We don’t think so!

Kanye was accompanied by her wife Kim Kardashian West and her eldest daughter North West. Kanye also performed at the service. He performed songs from his latest album “Jesus is King ” and his other hits too. Kanye had also performed for the prisoners recently for his Sunday services. He has been traveling a lot for his Sunday services and has got full support from his wife Kim.

Well, Kanye is doing a great job but surely he hasn’t gotten rid of his overconfidence till now!  Looks like the rapper needs some more meditation!