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Kanye West expressed his opinions about abortion and there were certain reactions! Check it out.

The presidential elections in the USA are about to happen at the end of the year, in November 2020. The candidates who are standing for elections are the ones who have a diverse idea about the working of a state. Some of them are experiences, while some are new.

Bernie Sanders who left the presidential elections and left the other members on the team of elections was an act that was criticized by many who believed that he could have served as the right democratic leader.

Although Joe Bidden is yet contesting along with the current president, Donald Trump, there was a surprising revelation made in the previous months by one of the candidates, Kanye West, the singer who has sung several songs for the industry and has been over the list of top singers/rappers.

What was the recent controversy made by Kanye West?

Kanye’s first child, North was a matter of concern for him and wanted to abort that child. Despite his will, his wife was sure about having that child and decided to not abort it. They had the child and now are happy with a big family. What Kanye said in his presidential election in a campaign of blacks who are suppressed in the USA that he was concerned about the world that tells a person who has to abort their child that aborting is something that one must not cry about and that it was fine to do so.

While that comes amid his campaign, what took the attention was that he had an emotional moment when he thought of getting his child aborted. This is what he expressed in one of his rallies that took the attention and had a trail of comments made by the public on social media.

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