Kai Parker isn’t out of Legacies yet! What will be his next move? And What are his evil intentions now? Check to know more.

By 6 months ago

In the latest upcoming episodes of Legacies which will be premiered tonight, Kai Parker will be back.

Kai Parker is back on Legacies

In the upcoming episode of Legacies, Chris Wood came back as Kai Parker which will be the evilest villain in the history of the Vampire Diaries. Alaric and daughters Josie and Lizzie both had their own way to go on after catching themselves in the prison world of their own making. Lizzie rejoined with her questionable vampire boyfriend Sebastian and he had a good plan for their future.

Josie always thinks about that how she could get out from that place. Alaric himself is struggling with some questionable decisions which he had made recently and some decades ago . In addition to Sebastian and many other former Salvatore students were also seen getting caught up in the prison world. They were send there by Alaric and Emma when the did not know what to do with them.

Breaking of the prison World

At first both of them had a very wonderful day together both Sebastian and Lizzie. He fed her the blood of vampire with hoping that she would turn and they could spend their eternity together. She didn’t like that and tried to leave when she crashed her car.

Meanwhile Josie had found out a way to get out of the prison world by breaking the sand clock and hitting herself with black magic. By doing that Lizzie also passed out in the driver’s seat. At that time, Kai also erased himself from the memory by jumping into the Malivore Pit and crawled out of the pit and landed himself in front of the Necromancer.

Chris Wood states that they are not rid of Kai yet and since now he is connected with the Necromancer through whatever pit of darkness that was , Malivore, he is now in touch with someone who can kind of summon evil creatures at will which will not bode well for the legacies heroes.