Justin Bieber talks about his “loveless marriage” after his second wedding with Hailey Baldwin? Is Bieber Not Happy with the Wedding?

“No more love now that we are married,” says Justin Bieber to his dear wife Hailey Baldwin.

Lovebirds Justin and Hailey got married again last Monday on the 30th of September, this time in front of their friends and family. And the couple is relishing in their newlywed bliss to the fullest. Recently, Hailey Baldwin posted a video of her with Justin on the social networking site Instagram. And the video says it all about their love life.

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In the video, Hailey can be seen smothering husband Justin with showers of kisses when he jokes, “get off of me!” Justin can be heard saying in the video that as the couple is now married so no more love because “That’s what happens”.

Then, in the video, Hailey pouts and begins to fake cry, saying, “You are being mean to me.” This is when the pop star takes it all and confesses that he was just kidding. He says, “Aw, I’m just kidding.”

Justin and Hailey have been husband and wife since 2018 when they had got married privately in a courtroom. However, a year later the couple decided to take their vows again in front of their family and friends because as per a source revealed the couple felt that it was important to have an official wedding ceremony in front of God. Also, their love had grown more in a year so it was exciting to again state their vows.

Justin Bieber talks about his "loveless marriage" after his second wedding with Hailey Baldwin? Is Bieber Not Happy with the Wedding? 3

Justin and Hailey got married at the Montage Hotel’s Palmetto Bluff location in the Somerset Chapel of South Carolina. The ceremony appeared to be straight out of a fairy tale, while the couple could not help smiling.

Before their wedding, both were spotted last Saturday in Los Angeles hopping on a private jet, to fly to South Carolina.