Justin Bieber suffering from Lyme disease; something that he had been hiding from the world

The Canadian singer-songwriter, Justin Bieber announces to the World his heartbreaking Lyme disease diagnosis that has widely affected his health over the past few years.

This was something he was hiding from his fans for the past few years


Today, Justin Bieber is facing a battle between life and death as this incurable Lyme disease has made him suffer a lot and now it has expanded in his entire body. This disease is caused by a tick bite. The ‘Sorry’ singer is not the first person in the world who has been diagnosed with the illness that causes rashes, tiredness, headaches, and fevers. But, over the years, he didn’t mention a word about it to his fans as he knew that it would cause them a heartbreak.


Justin revealed that he had gone through a couple of rough years in his recent past but he is so determined to pull through stronger and make a comeback as he assures his fans that he will be launching a new album when he is back. The ‘Baby’ singer, who is back in action in 2020, wrote to his huge number of 124 million followers about this disease.

His wife, Hailey Bieber, has supported him a lot over these critical years of his life and the couple has been spotted at various doctor surgeries throughout the past few months and now, Bieber has told the world that he has been battling this serious health condition.

Fellow singer, Avril Lavigne, who is diagnosed with a similar condition and stayed in bed for the last two years took it to Instagram as she posted a heartfelt Instagram encouraged by Justin, who is already facing the same disease. She said that there are lots of people that have this debilitating disease.