Justin Bieber is Sick? Is Hailey Baldwin Hiding Something? Is there some sort of panic situation in the Bieber family? We have the answers to all your questions. Check it out.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber have always been open about there married life. Hailey Bieber recently talked her husband, Justin Bieber’s illness. Is Justin Bieber really sick? And is Hailey Bieber hiding something? Read the full article to get all the information about the case.

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I love you from the depths of within

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In an interview with Elle’s March 2020, the model opened up about their relationship and how their marriage got affected by her husband’s illness. And the struggles they went through due to his health issues.

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My whole other half

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It was in July 2018, in Bahamas that the couple got engaged. Then in September, 2018 they finally got married.

Justin Bieber was really ill, he was suffering from Lyme disease. In addition to this, he was even suffering from various other medical stuffs.

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thankful for the love of my life

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They didn’t even go for a diagnosis. It was a very tough period for them. Everybody was being judgemental and mean. People said that he was taking drugs and he was looking unhealthy.

Whereas, it was in January that the pop star revealed about his illness. He stated that recently he was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was even suffering from a serious case of chronic mono. This was the ultimate reason why they delayed to give a full-time blown wedding ceremony.

The 25-year-old pop star revealed about his previous drug addiction. He was in his twelfth year when he first tried smoking marijuana. After that he got addicted. There was a condition when he felt like he was dying. He took to his Instagram account to share about his health issues through a photo of an article.

Fortunately, he has started recovering and their married life is going good. And his battle against both the disease will be shown in his upcoming you tube documentary series.