Justin Bieber is all set to play “Cupid” !! Shares the first look of the animated movie on Instagram!

The animated movie ‘Cupid’ is going to be voiced by the very charming pop-star Justin Bieber. That’s right! The singer behind the hits songs ‘Sorry’ has revealed the first look of Cupid.

The debut look of animated Cupid

JB, David Maisel, and Scooter Braun’s Mythos Studios teased the fans by releasing the upcoming animated Cupid look. All three of them shared the look on 12th November, Tuesday.

What is CUPID and what’s the movie all about?

The pop-star will be seen to give voice to the animated character titular. He is a classic Greek god of love. Pete Candeland, a commercial animation luminary is directing this mythological tale.

In the movie, Cupid will portray his love story and tell about his love interest. Psyche is a human royalty character. The beauty of Psyche is known to impress Cupid’s mother, Aphrodite. However, the cast who will give voice to the character Psyche is still not decided.

He is trying his skills to feature the adaptation of Cupid and Psyche in an animated musical way. This is planned for the big screens by Carlos Kotkin. The movie was based on a story by Maisel.

The movie will be the first one of its kind. Mytho Verse is a cinematic interpretation of classic Roman and Greek mythology and beliefs.

Left- Scooter Braun; Right: David Maisel

JB posts about Cupid

JB shared the post on his Instagram account. The post featured an animated picture of Cupid with large wings attached to him. The portrait looks similar to the singer who ponders on the edge of a  cliff. It has a background of a setting sun.

In the Instagram post shared by JB, he disclosed the first look and gave no such caption to it. He just added a hashtag with the post as #cupidmovie.

The movie is produced by Mythos Studios which is a one year venture from Marvel Studios. The chairman of the studio is David Maisel and the manager is Scooter Braun.