Justin Bieber’s baby sister steals the limelight in a TikTok video grooving to Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide’

Justin Bieber is keeping himself busy during the quarantine period. The 26-year-old singer is maintaining social distancing at his home in Canada, along with his wife Hailey Baldwin and the whole family.

During quarantine, Bieber spends his time watching movies, listening to music, cooking, indulging in self-care, and lots of other stuff. But one thing he is doing the most during social distancing is making Tik Tok videos of himself and wife Hailey.

Bieber on Tik-Tok takes challenges from Mehan Stallion’s Savage to Drake Toosie Slid dance and performs on it. Not only Bieber’s appear on Tik -Tok videos, but all family is being seen on Tik -Tok.

The singer made a video of his one year baby Sister Bay by taking her in arms on Drake Toosie dance number. While Justin has shown some good steps, all limelight had been stolen by the baby girls.

The ‘Baby’ singer performed some wonderful steps with his wife and siblings. Beber dressed in a Yellow tracksuit with his wife, who wears a white T-shirt performs iconic Moonwalk, and moves out of frame by the end of the video.

 Check out the video here!!!

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Bieber’s family is rejoicing and seems to make most of it during the prevailing time in Canada. While speaking to Semon of Sirius XM, Justin revealed that he is freezing in Canada and want to go somewhere warm, as he expressed that he wishes to visit the Bahamas, which is warmer and makes him relaxed.

A few days ago, ‘Love Yourself, Singer,’ and his wife Baldwin took Megan Thee Stallion’s challenge and showed some dancing moves on track title Savage.

Justin Bieber’s Change tour was scheduled to begin from 14 May this year. However, observing the current situation of the world, the date of the concert has been extended until further notice.