Justice beyond Grave! Sexual molestation case against Michael Jackson to be reopened by Court!

Decades after the demise of the pop sensation Michael Jackson, a California appeals court is likely to re-open a case against the dead superstar. This is filed by two boys, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, accusing the now passed away star of sexually molesting them when they were young.

History of the case

The 2 petitioners, Robson and Safechuck, with the release of blockbuster shock “doc Leaving Neverland” hit the headlines earlier this year where they accused Jackson of abusing them from the ages ten and seven, respectively, after they got friends with the thriller hitmaker. The two had previously accused the superstar of the very same offenses back in 2017 too, seeking millions as damage, however, the claim was denied.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck

Can the case still be re-opened?

Based on the new California law that gives sexual abuse victims the liberty to sue beyond a reasonable time, the Second District Court of Appeal in a tentative ruling quoted lawsuits should be reconsidered by the trial court. Earlier, the case filed by the two boys was thrown out partly due to the time limitation period as well.

Are the allegations still valid?

According to Jackson, the allegations are completely bogus and went further ahead comparing it to public lynching, especially when the king of pop himself is no more alive to defend himself or his pride. Jackson’s biographer, Mike Smallcombe, has accused Safechuck of lying in the documentary, specifically about refusing to testify for Jackson back in 2005 because he was terrified of the singer and what he might be capable of. Smallcombe further called out various inaccuracies in the narrated stories of the victims and took a stand for the late superstar.

The accusations on the legend may be a publicity stunt, as claimed by the defendant’s supporters, but now it’s on the court to decide.