Julianne Hough’s Time On Dancing With The Stars! Her bisexuality was a shock to everyone and greatest confession to her husband!

Julianne Hough is a very talented dancer and actor. She is gifted with beauty, charm, and talent. Swimming against waves is a field of expertise for Mrs. Hough. She speaks out her thoughts and carries a very bold personality. All of these make her a very fascinating household name.

Dancing with the Stars fans are well familiar with her, but there is a lot of stories they don’t know about her time on this American dance competition television series.

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Julianne has been talked about in the media lately because of the rumors of problems in her marriage with Brooks Liach. Hough praisers who want to get a sneak peek into her personal life, as well as spicy DWTS stories, must continue reading. Below is a list of Facts About Julianne Hough’s Time On Dancing With The Stars!

She was called a ‘Hypocrite’ by Mark Ballas

Apparently, Hough offended her erstwhile co-star, Mark Ballas, who also was her childhood friend. Mark thought she criticized way too much of his dance performances on the show.

She had issues with her physical appearance

Julianne had a hard time dealing with her physical appearance. She was under constant pressure to be slim.

She helped her brother Derek is pursuing Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev and Derek were together for a while. Reportedly Julianne was the one who brought them together.

She toyed with an engaged race car driver

Julianne’s partner Helio Castroneves was more than a partner. They might have gotten close enough to toy with each other.

She had a fling with Ryan Seacrest.

She had a short term relationship with Ryan Seacrest. They once dressed up as Bonnie & Clyde in the show.

She also dated 8-Time Olympic Winner, Apolo Ohno

It is no news that Julianne got flirty with some of her dance partners. Julianne and Apolo Ohno had very good chemistry while they reheard and performed on Dancing with the Stars.

Rumour has it show producers condemned her appearance.

It does not come as a surprise that celebs often get consumed with their looks. Show producers are busy telling them they don’t add up. Julianne was no exception.

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A failed country musician.

Julianne aspired to be a country music star. Unlike most people, she actually gave a country music career a shot, but she succeeds.

The feud with Amber Rose

It’s pretty obvious that Julianne judged people for a living. It often creates brawl between people. Amber Rose was involved in a brawl with Julianne, and the world knows about it.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy hated her for criticizing him.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy truly hated her when she criticized him. She said that he wasn’t putting his efforts during his DWTS performances.

Julianne let her mother and sister down!

Julianne indeed has a shady side. It was further proven to be true when she shot her mother and sister getting sick and puking.

She liked sharing the nitty-gritty of her personal life.

Julianne is very good at sharing details of her personal life. She and her hubby went to see a specialist who helps them connect in bed.

She Was Raised Mormon

Julianne’s occasional craziness and absurd statements about shocking topics would be because she had a Mormon upbringing

A flop in films

Julianne is undoubtedly a fine dancer, but when it comes to acting, it is not exactly critically acclaimed. The fans and the critics both share the same opinion.

She Kept Her Bisexuality A Secret

While on Dancing with the Stars, no one knew that she was bisexual, but everybody was under the impression that she was straight. It was in August that she revealed the fact about herself. Moreover, the biggest supporter turned out to be her own husband, Brooks Laich!