Julianne Hough comes out of the closet, says not straight, but whether gay or bisexual?

Julianne Hough opens about a conversation with her NHL player husband Brooks Laich. Julianne confesses about her sexuality, telling, “You know I’m not straight right?”. She is being praised for this everywhere for such a move.

The 31-year-old dancer says that it is all because of the “massive transformation” she went through after getting married to Brooks Laich in July 2017. Julianne recently talked about this positive “massive transformation” in September issue of ‘Women’s Health’ magazine. She also bared it all and posed nude for the cover page of the same magazine.

Julianne was diagnosed with endometriosis, after which she decided to go for in vitro fertilization. Her husband Brooks was supportive throughout the process. Brooks held her through all the ups and downs. After this, Julianne decided to open up about her sexuality to Brooks, yet “she feared he wouldn’t vibe with her evolution.”

Hough said that she could connect with the woman inside her who didn’t need a man for protection, versus, the little girl on her who still looked to Brooks for protection. Initially, she was scared if she will be understood or not, but she finally opened up to her husband. Fortunately, Brooks understood her and as the dancer says, the more she dropped into her authentic self, the more Brooks got attracted to her.

In spite of all this, the couple is very happy together. Julianne came out of the closet but also told Brooks that she chooses to stay with him. And as Julianne says, now the two share a more intimate relationship with each other.

In this whole event, what is most praiseworthy is Brooks’s understanding reaction. Although Julianne is being praised for the brave move, it is Brooks who deserves real praise.