Judy Garland and John Meyer’s Intimacy and a Special Bond

Judy Garland’s lover John Meyer shares a shocking and intimate details of the star’s final months. Judy Garland, who was a famous actress, had a close and special bond with John Meyer. Their intimacy started when they met each other for the first time. They met in the year 1968 at Manhattan Studio through their mutual friend. Judy then was 28 and John 46 years, and they had that much of a big age gap. But still, they both had a connection between them, which made their bond something special.

John recalls and says that he remember her as a pianist and she had nothing with her, just a suitcase, a black dress, a pair of heels and fishnet stockings. John played her a song, and she sands to it beautifully. John even recalls and says how she said she is his at that moment itself.

Then they started being together. They lived in John’s parents’ apartment, where there was a spare room. Judy was homeless, so he helped her a lot. John says how they had so much fun together, and it was something special for him, even if they had a huge age gap. Their bedroom fun and everything. He said how Judy was full of surprises. He had this urge to protect her and give her everything and whatever she deserves and needs.

But things took a drastic change when John’s parents kicked Judy out of their apartment. Judy was homeless. Then came another person into that scene. During that, John was sick with 104 fever. But Judy still left him and went to London for her career, saying she had more than this fever, which was 106. So this is not a big deal.

But he was hurt. John still thought they had a bond together, and he even went to London to amend it. But he realized it was of no use. Then after a while, he heard the news that Judy passed away, which made him a lot sad. But still, he came for the funeral and John says how there will more than thousands of people to say bye to her, that much of a person she was who touched everyone’s heart quickly.