Journey to the Savage Planet: the perfect game to trigger the adventure lover in you! Check out for the gameplay details and all latest updates.

A game with a blend of comedy and adventures is rare to find. Even if found, the nature of it being non-tiring is a privilege that not all gamers get from every game. A Journey to the Savage Planet is a game of such kind. The essence of the game is felt with the animation and the characters that it has. The charm, brightness, and cuteness is something that not all games have. This one is a special of its kind.

The game is made easier to play with the puzzles and hints that help a character reach their end goals n a limited time with ease. The control keys can get slightly clunky if not known the use of properly. The game becomes easier and improvements in the movements rise about as the abilities get unlocked and expand. The abilities can get expanded as once is successful at finding Metroidvania style upgrades.

Attractive features of the game

The game has features that are restricted to it and that’s what gives the real essence to the game. An alien alloy that has to be found in the game is crucial at upgrades.

The deployable bounce pads jump, and gravity is something that uniquely characterizes the game. These also become the secrets to unlocking the upgrades. The game is known for its not so long-running feature as the game can get over with a short span of playing it. The game is a must-try and has to be played by those who are looking for a good pass time play.

The animations not only makes the game seem easier but also interactive to play. Wait to unlock the features that wait along the way of playing this game to see the fun and experience the various aspects of the game. The rating and the downloads of the game are a good incentive to go ahead and playing this game.