Joker 2 Confirmed: Todd Philips Returns As Director, Joaquin Phoenix Returns As The Clown Prince

The sequel’s working title was also revealed on social media

The Joker is returning! The Oscar and Golden Globe-winning movie’s sequel is currently in early production. Director Todd Phillips, who helmed the first project, is returning as the director and co-writer. He has now shared an image announcing the sequel on Instagram and Twitter. Read on to know the full details.

Joker 2 Details

Joker script

The sequel currently has a working title – Joker: Folie à Deux. The term is French for “madness for two.” The term is a mental disorder that can affect more than one individual. It is particularly interesting because actor Willem Dafoe had suggested it, saying he would like to play a copycat Joker who faces off against Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck. And if you are familiar with the comics, you might know that Batman has faced multiple clown princes in his career, often times without being aware of it. So if Phillips manages to make such a movie, it can reference multiple storylines, and maybe tie in with a bigger universe.

The Movie So Far

Joaquin Phoenix with the script

The movie centers around a failed comedian called Arthur Fleck, running around the corrupt 1981 version of Gotham City. Him hitting a new low every day makes him take his frustration out on society. Soon he embraces anarchy, and becomes an agent of completely unhinged chaos. By the end of the movie, Arthur had managed to influenced numerous other individuals to carry out looting and murders.

The movie was the first R-rated film to cross the $1 billion mark in the global box office. And now that Warner Bros. is under new management, they have prioritised the sequel. The new management also reportedly wants Henry Cavill to return as Superman, and make him the forefront of the DCEU.

Joker 2 is far from the release date, but we can be sure that it will be another brilliant film.

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