JoJo: The Sixth Season of the Mega-hit Anime Series is Set to Return!


Ever seen the wonders of success? With the first season released in the year 2012 and subsequent 4 more releases after that, JoJo is streaming its 6th season too. It is an anime series that’s an adaptation of the manga series. The latest season, which is season 5, titled JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze had a total of 39 episodes and was launched on October 6, 2018, and will be terminated on July 28, 2019.

Is there any formal update regarding the renewal yet?

No, not as of now. the last episode of the 5th season has gotten over some time back and is expected to be renewed to the 6th season as the series originally has 8 parts and the ongoing premiere has only been till the 5th one. Also, the Manga series is also getting added on by more and more chapters in the queue which ensures no shortage of content.

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What’s expected from the 6th season?

The upcoming season, Jolyne Kujo will be seen rebelling the followers of Dio Brando. There is expected to be a plot shift from Giorno Giovanna’s Italy to a new place, in the USA in a prison in the sunny state of Florida.

Is the cast/production team confirmed yet?

No, there hasn’t been any official reports or announcements made on the casting crew of the season. However, since the last three episodes will be special and should be appealing, we have predicted that the director, named Naokatsu Tsuda will once again helm the project. Yoshikazu Iwanami due to their excellent performance will be featured back as the Sound Director. on the list of those with appreciable work comes yet another personality which is Yugo Kanno to work on the music for the upcoming series.

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