Join These Three Crazy Vampires On Their Journey In What We Do In The Shadows Season 2! Read for all details.

The original comic project What We Do In The Shadows was soon done into a reboot show with three goofy vampires living together in an old, damp Victorian house! However, what troubles the three captures that humans might be scarier at this point! Let us look into the details.

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What We Do In The Shadows Season 2 Is Here And You Just Cannot Miss It!

The hilarious first season soon garnered a positive response from fans, and the second season is also here now! While the first season saw the three killer vampires pretty much struggling with the modern world, the escapades were just too funny to resist!

However, with the second season, we see the vampires are finally adjusting into the human world they live in by participating in well, open mics, and attending house parties! While we saw a huge twist by the first season finale where Guillermo turned out to be a descendant of vampire hunter Van Helsing and might possess the same killer instincts. If you haven’t already seen the season yet, here’s the trailer to give fans a glimpse of what’s ahead. Have a look.

How Will The Three Vampires Cope With The Changes Around Them?

While Guillermo is trying hard to conceal his newfound powers but however ends up killing quite a few vampires! We also saw not such a normal couple Nadja and Lazslo struggling through certain encounters as well!

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We need to see the second season and accompany this crazy gang on this journey, which might be scarier for the vampires itself! While the first season has surely hyped fans for more, we wonder what’s in store for us in the second season of the thrill comedy show.