John Wick Chapter 4 Trailer was Packed with Action that No One Saw Coming

The high themes disclosed in the new Trailer of John Wick 4

As every John Wick fan knows, 2023 is shaping up to be an amazing year for the franchise. John Wick tries hard to defeat The High Table in the latest trailer, to earn his freedom but before he could get that, Wick seems to face a fight against a new enemy with a whole lot of power holding in his hands, which forces that turn old friends into foes.

John Wick
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Reeves’s return as a beloved assassin with fewer words can be seen in the highly anticipated chapter four. Chad Stahelski subsequently teased the fourth movie during an interview with IndieWire, saying that John Wick will not have a happy ending for a fourth movie, saying, John can survive through this crap, but at the end of it, there is not going to be a happy ending.

As if killing a man just for the book at a library was not insane enough, Chad Stahelski recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Chapter Four would find a new, inventive way of making John Wick suffer through more ridiculous acts.

Though through all this newly launched information, we still have plenty of time to wait in the months of the release of the movie, to know where John Wick will be hung up this time. Also, Reeves will be playing his role in the new Ballerina, the spin-off movie led by Ana De Armas. Knowing that the Continental hotel will be in the upcoming story, it’s possible that Armas and wick will cross paths at one point or more.

John Wick: Chapter 4 releases on March 24, 2023, in theaters. So stay calm and keep following us for more updates on the franchise and reveals, before the official premiere of the movie.