John Legend and Kelly Clarkson recreate the classic “Baby it’s cold outside ” after it received serious backlash

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have recorded the 1944 hit song “Baby it’s cold outside ” making changes in the original lyrics.

The song had received serious backlash from people all over the world as the song was all about a man forcing a woman to spend a night with him when she was reluctant to do so. It is a direct conversation between the two in a lyrical manner.

This all started after the #metoo movement became the trending topic everywhere. The famous radio station star 102  in Cleveland, Ohio erased the song from its playlist after the song was criticized by a large audience.

The newly recorded version of the song is going to be available on John Legend’s latest album “A Legendary Christmas “.

Though at the time the song was released, people didn’t have any problem with the lyrics. But in today’s time when feminism is at its highest peak, it was bound to be criticized. The song was originally sung by John Losseser for the movie “Neptune’s Daughter” and the song won an Oscar too. Who knew that this once super hit song will be criticized so much?

Well now women have become aware of their fundamental rights and they can’t take anything violating their rights even if it is an 80-year-old song!

However, there was a Facebook poll organized and the results revealed that the majority of people still wanted to listen to the song. They believe that the song had a different meaning back then and was not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. It is just a Christmas song in which a man is flirting with a woman. Though the woman says “No”, it was because she was too shy in the video to reveal her actual feelings.

The song has been re-recorded by many famous singers including Lady Gaga.