“Joe Vs. Carole”: The Tiger King Biopic trailer was filled with dark comedy and psychopathic elements!

‘Joe Vs. Carole’: The trailer for Kate Mckinnon’s Tiger King biopic is up and acing!

Trailer for Joe Vs. Carole is out! Peacock released the trailer for Kate Mckinnon’s biopic on their official Youtube channel. Joe Vs. Carole is a series adaptation of a podcast named Joe Exotic: Tiger King. Moreover, the podcast gained fame on Netflix. The hit series would center around Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

Joe Vs. Carole

A trailer portraying dark comedy and psychopathic elements!

The freshly released trailer is three minutes long. The video features Kate Mckinnon as Carole Baskins answering the door in her animal print. Things start to get interesting when someone on the door enquires about Joseph Maldonado’s connection with her. Moreover, the way she answers the door shakes us a little. Speaking about the man in question, she claims that he’s a psychopath who wants her dead!

Key takeaways from the full-length trailer

The whole trailer has a lot of unknown aspects to it. The eerily dark trailer introduces us to Kyle MacLachlan as Howard, Baskin’s husband. Furthermore, it elaborates on John Cameron’s opinion on Joe, the one always claiming that he runs the best exotic animal show in the country. In another scene we witness Carole gearing up against abuser Joe Exotic. Ironically, Joe himself appears to be making plans against his rival. This rivalry will surely cause drama!

John Cameron
Instagram|John Cameron
What makes the trailer enchanting?

This adapted series trailer revolves around rivalry and killing. We could see Mitchell’s Joe hiring someone to kill Carole. Moreover, there are attempts to shut down Joe’s animal park. Another game plan showcases the rivals getting their weapons to stop the hitman. Additionally, Netflix’s arrival to start filming the Tiger King docuseries has added a lot to its charm!

Joe Vs. Carole: The show’s release and confirmation

Joe Vs. Carole is expected to have eight episodes, each an hour long. Moreover, the drama will have two sets of directors. Justin Tipping is set to direct Episodes 1-4 along with the finale. Natalie Bailey will direct episodes 5-7 of the new series. Furthermore, the series starring John Cameron, Kate McKinnon, Brian Van Holt, William Fichtner will start steaming from March 3. We can rest assured that the series will be out on Peacock in time.