Joaquin Phoenix bags the Golden Globes for best drama actor in Joker and you definitely need to hear his speech

An exciting news came for the actor Joaquin Phoenix. He was the main actor who played the role in Joker and was loved by all. The movie “Joker” was something which touched many people’s heart and lots and lots of people appreciated it and watched it also. The movie became so popular that it got a chance to be nominated for Golden Globes awards. The movie was so incredible that it was ominated for actual of four awards. First one Best Actor, which went for Joaquin. Then best director, which was received by Todd Philips. Best score for Hildur Gudnad√≥ttir. Finally also the best picture was also awarded for the movie “Joker.”

The movie did infact became a popular one and everyone loved and watched it. “Joker” was something extraordinary and out of the blue for many people. The actor, Joaquin was really happy and received the award with a speech which was really interesting and worth the watch. It was something long but quite interesting also. Joaquin talked about climate crisis, he talked and thanked his fellow nominees which helped him. Last but not the least he was grateful and thankful for his fiancee Rooney Mara. Joaquin even said that contrary to popular belief so he really does not want to rock the boat.

Well it is a good news for the whole team, not just for Joaquin. It is a precious moment for all of the team members, who worked really hard behind and on screen to make the movie as successful as it is now.

The movie was something out of the ordinary. It was not like usual movie type. The story, setting, costumes etc everything was unique and interesting. The creator really did a hard work on it. Not just him even the back people, who were not seen on the screen. But they worked behind it to create it a successful one.