Jo Byung Kyu Confirmed as the Male Lead for ‘Even If I Die, One More Time’

Actor Jo Byung Kyu confirmed to star in ‘Even If I Die, One More Time”

It has been confirmed that actor Jo Byung Kyu will be a part of the new film, “Even If I Die, One More Time”. This film will be released in 2022. According to HB Entertainment’s announcement on September 14, ‘Even If I Die, One More Time’ will feature Jo Byung Kyu as Jeon Woo Suk.

This film is about a stuntman named Jeon Woo Suk. He wants to act and become a famous personality. The 40-year-old Woo Suk finds himself back in high school following a mysterious accident. That gives him a second chance to pursue his goal.

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Byung Kyu will play Jeon Woo Seok, a 40 year guy who suddenly finds himself back at school. It is the actor’s wide range of experience and great acting skills that allow him to portray the changes of a highschool student in a mature manner. Because of his vibrant appearance, the story will be more enjoyable and immersive.

Jo Byeong-kyu’s return after being accused

After Jo Byeong-kyu was accused of being a bully in his youth, his career was suspended and an investigation was conducted into the charges. There were no criminal charges filed against Jo in July of 2021, and his accuser had apologised to him. He was on the verge of getting back into acting and was in talks to appear on a new film.

The actor will play lead character in another upcoming movie. On June 24 news came that he has been offered for to work in Weston based drama The history of losers.


He is most known for his roles in Sky Castle and The Uncanny Counter. Who Are You: School 2015 marked his first appearance on the screen. As a lead actor in “The Uncanny Counter”, he made his debut in the year 2020.

Subsequently he will work on the movie titled Millennial Killer. However other details about this movie not updated yet.