Jinho recreates Post Malone’s Circles and gives it a new turn! Check inside for details!

Songs give a chance to connect with others. It may be expressed in different genres but the essence of it nonetheless is conveyed seamlessly. Now, Jinho has released his own rendition of Post Malone’s Circles.

The singer sang Circles for Magazine Ho #34. Jinho gave a visual treat to the audience with the background of beaches in the song.

Magazine Ho releases a version of the song at the end of every month. Otherwise, he is a singer of South Korean boy group Pentagon by Cube Entertainment.

 Message behind the Song:

Circle is a song about a relationship turning sour trapped in the constant loop of breaking up and getting together. Both the singers have done a tremendous job with the song. Clearly, they have given it meaning by their different intonations.

Post Malone’s Circles takes place in the mediaeval period. In the middle of a war, he is mourning the fact that his relationship is running in circles.

The song depicts that despite the failed attempts at the relationship they are seeking to stay together. Consequently, they are waiting for the other and not blaming themselves for the lifeless relationship.

Further, Malone changes his views. He describes that it is now time to let go. And the passion that they felt for each other was transient and easily replaceable.

He asks his partner to think again and give up any hope on the doomed relationship.

Though the song is not only for people in a relationship. It could be taken as an inspiration to forget and forgo the things that have bound you. It talks of recognising the signs of degradation and melancholy. Thus, letting go of the things that harm is beneficial for you.

Singers make the song!

Seemingly, Malone’s song is a plea for help in this situation. When one is stuck and they realise that they have to help them. Moreover, it shows the determination that’ I will get over and above it’.

On the other hand, Jinho’s version is more melancholic. Also, it is more on the side of contemplation and introspection than outright protest to such things. Mix in regret, disappointment and grief over how the situation turned like this is what describes his version perfectly.

Post Malone’s original has 85 Million views releasing in earlier this year. However, Jinho’s version released just a day ago and it has 15,000 views till now. 

Both songs have cinematic beauty that adds depth to the song. Though Jinho’s version seems more like what a contemporary youth would feel in this situation.

Though, both the versions hit home for people experiencing the same thing.