Jessie J’s love towards boyfriend Channing Tatum can be heard in her new song and fans are swooning over that fact!!

Jessie J recently debuted her new song, and fans doubt that the song might be about Channing Tatum. She recently had a concert in Los Angeles. The concert sold out in a few minutes, and the fans were more than happy after attending it. Her new song is all about new love, and fans think she is hinting at something. Well, she might be now, can’t she?

It’s more than a year now since Channing Tatum and Jessie J are in a relationship, and the timing for releasing the song was really apt. But Jessie didn’t reveal the reason behind her love song yet. So it is open for interpretation, right? The lyrics say some really sweet stuff like she wants to follow him where he goes and that she wants to take baby steps because the future is uncertain yet. She also sings that she wants to stay calm for now, there is no rush; And if it’s forever, she wants to simply be in love. Well, that seems pretty mushy. And a person needs some kind of inspiration to write such a beautiful song, isn’t it?

One of the audience members recorded a video where Jesse is singing the song by looking at the lyrics from her phone. That is justified since the song is new and Jesse didn’t memorize the lyrics yet. So she requested someone to bring her phone so she could get the song right. She also sings that she wants to hold hands with him a little tighter and she doesn’t want to pull away. He makes her head feel lighter. Sweet!

People spotted Channing Tatum and Jessie J for the first time during fall last year. And they always supported each other in terms of their careers. He visited many of her concerts, and she attended a lot of his movies. He was also present at her Los Angeles concert, so he was one of the people who got to hear her song for the first time. Total couple goals!